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    ``Without the generosity and support of individuals, organizations, and bands such as THE PEOPLE NOW, our work in providing support to the music industry, would not be possible. This event will truly make a difference in the lives of music people and their families.``
  • Ebony Jeannette - Ear Candi Magazine
    “Their message of unification places music at the core of our mortality, and explores the depths of human emotion as feelings of desire and remorse are confessed through song. Relevant lyrics and concrete song structures provide freshness and familiarity for the listener, while high level musicianship makes TPN’s ear-ringing specialty blend of post-progressive Rock & Roll hard to ignore.”
  • Penny Gower: LPM Magazine March 2009 - Featured Artist - LPM Magazine
    ``The Washington crew are rising with a transformed sound and solidified line-up... a choice of interesting song titles will have you wondering what will be hidden behind the name, enticing you to press Play...again and again.``
  • Twogroove - Past, Present, Future: The People Now
    `` `{`. . .`}` each of us, as individuals, strives for crafting excellent music; that which compels others to listen while simultaneously inspiring us inventors `{`. . .`}` the music is in us: all of us, and that has guided us all to where we are, now.``

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